Many residential communities in Florida have a homeowners’ association (HOA) structure to help them maintain a cohesive and clean atmosphere in the neighborhood. Landscaping is a required all-year-round activity that helps  maintain the beauty of your property, and equally important for protecting your investment.  The role of HOA is to maintain the highest standards of quality for its tenants and homeowners. HOA members reap immense benefits that individual homeowners may not be able to access on their own. HOA pools the resources of the homeowners and provides uniform services that enhance the aesthetics of the homeowners’ properties, individually and collectively alike.

A community managed by an HOA takes great pride in its surroundings and neighborhood. HOA communities are not just locations of residential buildings but a place where homeowners thrive, and families make lasting memories. That is precisely the reason why maintenance and care of your property is so important. Leave it to the experts at Zen Outdoors to help any HOA with landscape maintenance and enhancements.

Lawn care

Our HOA landscaping services at Zen Outdoors include lawn care services. We’ll transform your lawns and ensure they are appealing and healthy. We also provide weed and pest control services, as well as appropriate fertilization to maintain the health and strength of your lawns.

At Zen Outdoors, we understand executing a task means working with the right staff with proper qualifications. We hire qualified personnel and give them all the right tools. All of our workers are properly trained, equipped, and licensed to offer our top professional services.

Palm care services

We invite you to take advantage of our tree and palm care programs in conjunction with our other service to make sure your palms look their best. Palms require special care and our services include regular pruning and fertilizing. We ensure accountability and transparency and comply with all HOA and local code requirements. Our professionals will create a specific landscape maintenance plan to meet your specific environmental and HOA requirements when it comes to the care of the palms on your property.

Irrigation and drainage

Water management is an important aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy landscape. Plants require hydration during the dry season. During storms, excess water may damage the plants and you should have in place systems to handle excess water. Zen Outdoors will assist you with irrigation and drainage needs specific to your property. For your lawns to thrive, your irrigation system’s proper operation during every season is crucial.

Landscape enhancement

Our landscape enhancement services at Zen Outdoors include mulching, property clean-ups, and addition of new elements to help create an appealing environment.We can also replace your aging plant materials with vibrant fresh plants and shrubs to make your landscape look its best. Seasonals and annuals are always a great option to also enhance the beauty of your property. By choosing us, you will have our professionals ready to schedule your next enhancement at any time.

Tree care services

Our tree care services at Zen Outdoors include tree pruning, trimming, and tree removal. Dead branches on trees may fall and damage power lines or pose a risk to buildings, vehicles, people and pets. We have a team of experienced arbor care professionals who understand all aspects of professional tree care. We can remove fallen trees and limbs from homes after a storm. Poor tree care often results in diseased or dead trees. By choosing to work with Zen Outdoors, you can also ensure to minimize this risk to your tree, that will ultimately also serve as a cost saving measure.




  • Office buildings
  • Medical centers
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Retail stores
  • Warehouses


  • Customized designs and renovations
  • Lawn care
  • Irrigation maintenance and fertilization programs
  • Annuals and seasonal flowers
  • Safe and beautifully manicured common areas

Estate Homes

  • Elegant customized designs
  • Complete renovations
  • Seamlessly integrated comprehensive service
  • Dedicated account service managers


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