As plants grow, they require water to thrive. Managing the irrigation of your landscape correctly is important to boost plant health and longevity. Water mismanagement often results in damage and dead plants. Irrigation is crucial for all landscaping, even the most simply planned. The ideal way of supplying water to your plants is by installing a sprinkler system. If you are seeking the best irrigation and sprinkler system installation, you can count on Zen Outdoors.

A great irrigation system not only helps you create beautiful lawns and landscapes but also saves you money, time, and energy that you would spend watering your yard. Several signs can show you that your current watering system might be failing and that you need a modern irrigation system. If you notice brown spots in your lawn, it may be a sign of a poorly designed system or failing components.

We always make sure to follow all local codes and ordinances when it comes to irrigations systems so that our clients can have a beautiful landscape while still meeting local codes.

Irrigation checks & maintenance

Irrigation systems need regular maintenance and checks to make sure they are working efficiently year after year. Lawn equipment can cause damage to your irrigation system and could cause leaks that waste water and increase your water bill. With our monthly irrigation checks, we will make sure that your irrigation system is working efficiently and not wasting water and ultimately your money.

Irrigation repairs

If you have noticed that your irrigation system is leaving areas not watered or your water bill has increased substantially, we can  inspect your entire irrigation system and make any repairs quickly so that your system will return to optimal operation.

Irrigation systems keep your yards looking great

One of the obvious benefits of an irrigation system is keeping your yard looking green and vibrant. With our irrigation and sprinkler system installation, your plants and the grass will be getting an optimal amount of water. During the dry season, an irrigation system makes the difference between dead plants or brown grass and a green vibrant landscape.

Just as it is important to ensure that your lawns get enough water, it is also important to ensure that you remove excess water from the lawn. Too much water will damage your plants and promote the growth of fungus in your lawn. It could drown the plants, cause weed germination, and deplete the soil of nutrients. Our irrigation systems and routine checks precisely control the amount of water in your yard.

Florida receives heavy rainfall that makes irrigation drainage crucial. At Zen Outdoors, we assess the specific needs of a location and provide a reliable irrigation drainage system to ensure that your landscape remains healthy year-round.

Irrigation systems are efficient and save time

With an irrigation system, your plants will receive the right amount of water at the right time, usually early in the morning and in the evening, just before nightfall. So, you can entrust the task to your expertly calibrated system instead of giving up your leisure time to care for your landscapes. With an irrigation system, you can water your yard even when you are away. When installing an irrigation system, we consider important factors like the climate and the lay of the land for maximum efficiency.

Irrigation systems prevent weeds and disease

At Zen Outdoors, we will evaluate your landscaping watering needs and recommend the best irrigation system for your yard. The placement of an irrigation system matters to ensure that water goes straight to the plant’s roots instead of going to the weeds. By delivering water close to the root system, your plants can access water instantly. Unplanned watering may foster weeds growth and increase the risk of disease.

Zen Outdoors provide the leading irrigation and sprinkler system installation

Before irrigation and sprinkler system installation, we’ll inspect your property and identify areas that need watering. We will consider the water flow requirements to ensure that we choose a high-quality irrigation system that will meet your watering needs. After the initial installation cost, irrigation systems are easy to maintain. We use the best quality products and this reduces the irrigation system’s maintenance and repair costs.

Latest technologies

We always keep up with the latest trends and technologies when it comes to irrigation systems. Whether it is remote controlled systems, mobile app and smart home enabled systems that you can control from your personal devices, or low flow irrigation heads that save water and increase the efficiency of water delivery, we are always finding the newest and best technologies in the market to offer to our clients.


Landscape Installation

  • Fully customized landscape designs available
  • Small enhancements
  • Complete renovations
  • Seamless design and build
  • Landscape lighting installation


  • Ensure healthy landscape
  • Provide a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing look
  • Mowing, weed control, irrigation, pruning and fertilizing
  • Year-round beautifully manicured landscaping


  • Diagnostics and repair
  • Water conservation
  • Monthly system checks
  • Adjustments to time and coverage
  • Maximize efficiency

Tree Care

  • Palm trimming
  • Tree care requiring certified arborist
  • Specialized tree maintenance above 10 feet
  • Crepe myrtle trimming

Fertilization and Pest Control

  • Specialty horticulture
  • Turf aeration
  • Topdressing
  • Over-seeding
  • Chemical treatment for insect infestations


  • Customized lighting design
  • LED lighting
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Landscape lighting installation, redesign, inspection and repair.

Storm Prep and Cleanup

  • Pre-storm inspection support
  • Fast preparation
  • Qualified arborist available
  • Post storm clean up
  • Pre-approved emergency clean up program