Tree Care

Tree care

You can count on our tree experts at Zen Outdoors to take care of the trees and ensure that they thrive accordingly. We have ISA certified arborists available with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the best techniques for promoting the well-being of your trees. We provide superior quality tree services to ensure the best care for the trees in your yard. By providing a comprehensive range of tree care services, we will maintain the trees on your property in good health. If you have damaged or dead trees on your property, we will also be glad to offer our expert tree removal services.

Our tree care services at Zen Outdoors include:

  • Tree prunings
  • Full tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree and palm disease treatment

The importance of tree trimming

The obvious benefit of tree trimming is to maintain your tree’s appearance. However, other than aesthetics, tree trimming offers other valuable benefits. Overgrown trees with dead branches may be a hazard to persons and property. Dead tree branches might also fall on the power lines causing power shortages. We will remove the dead or dying tree branches before they decay or break. Trimming also strengthens and improves the structure of a tree by preventing the development of weak branches. Well-pruned trees also have better sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree. 

Knowledgeable and certified arborists available

Tree pruning is a sensitive task that you should only entrust to a professional. Poor pruning techniques may damage, or leave wounds that are hard too close, make the tree vulnerable to decay and disease, or result in demise of the tree. The certified arborists that we have available understand the proven methods of care to enhance a tree’s appearance and health.

We have the expertise and experience to meet all your tree care needs. After evaluating your yard, we will create a detailed plan outlining how to help your trees thrive. After trimmings, we will remove all leaves and debris to leave your landscapes looking great.

Benefits of professional tree care  

What are the benefits of Zen Outdoors professional tree care services?

  • Removal of dead weight that might weaken the tree
  • Creating a clean or sculpted look
  • Clearing away dying or dead tree branches
  • Discouraging fungus, insects, and diseases from spreading
  • Encouraging the growth of new branches
  • Prevent trees from interfering with power lines and posing safety hazards to structures

Tree removal services

At some point, you may need to remove damaged, dead or diseased trees or trees that may simply pose a safety hazard to your property. Zen Outdoors has trusted arborists available for efficient tree removal services in Central Florida. We make sure to follow all local codes and permitting when it comes to tree removal from your property. What are some of the signs that you should remove a tree from your yard?

  • Heaving soil at the trunk’s base or beneath its canopy
  • Mushrooms or other decay-producing fungi, growing at the root of the tree
  • Peeling or chipped tree barks or large cracks on the tree
  • Large scaffold branches or cavities in the tree trunks
  • Hanging or dead branches in a tree’s upper crown
  • Fine twigs that do not have living buds

If you notice the above-mentioned signs, it could be time to contact us today.


Landscape Installation

  • Fully customized landscape designs available
  • Small enhancements
  • Complete renovations
  • Seamless design and build
  • Landscape lighting installation


  • Ensure healthy landscape
  • Provide a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing look
  • Mowing, weed control, irrigation, pruning and fertilizing
  • Year-round beautifully manicured landscaping


  • Diagnostics and repair
  • Water conservation
  • Monthly system checks
  • Adjustments to time and coverage
  • Maximize efficiency

Tree Care

  • Palm trimming
  • Tree care requiring certified arborist
  • Specialized tree maintenance above 10 feet
  • Crepe myrtle trimming

Fertilization and Pest Control

  • Specialty horticulture
  • Turf aeration
  • Topdressing
  • Over-seeding
  • Chemical treatment for insect infestations


  • Customized lighting design
  • LED lighting
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Landscape lighting installation, redesign, inspection and repair.

Storm Prep and Cleanup

  • Pre-storm inspection support
  • Fast preparation
  • Qualified arborist available
  • Post storm clean up
  • Pre-approved emergency clean up program